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Arcon: City of Neon Daylight

Arcon: City of Neon Daylight

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A cyberpunk setting co-created by Kienna Shaw (@KiennaS) and Jason Cutrone (@JustJasonPls), with written Contributions from Amr Ammourazz (@ammourazz), Bee Zelda (@Bee_Zelda), and Sailor Scout Austin (@sailorsctaustin), for your TTRPG group to enjoy with whatever system you so desire! A history of Arcon, including details about the megacity's past, its current society, and its broad and vibrant culture

  • Over 40 fully fledged entries on notable Corporations, Organizations, Factions, and Notable People that operate within the world
  • Descriptions of the many districts and locations scattered throughout the city, alongside a slew of potential plot hooks to utilize at your leisure
  • Gorgeous portraits and character art by Julian Wright (@Triangle_Art_JW) and Jesse Pillot (@thehimbogamer)
  • A full art map of the city and its surrounding areas by Summer Matthews (@justasummerjob)!
  • A short story penned by one of the setting's co-creators,
  • a map, a glossary of key terms and acronyms, and much, much more
What formats it comes in: A spellbinding 174-page physical book (available for purchase later in 2022!) A fully laid out and beautifully formatted PDF with graphics and internal linking, courtesy of our editor and graphic designer, Virginia Page (@tabletophoard) A text-only PDF that is both print and screen reader friendly"
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