Shipping & Discounts

Welcome retailers! 
We're super excited that you've chosen to shop directly with us. 

I do want to preface that we are relatively new to direct-retail sales, so please feel free to reach out and let us know if there is something we can do to help serve you better and to make things easier for you. 


Right now, our site is set up in the following method.

  • Singles are discounted at 46%, and
  • Cases are discounted at 50%
  • Free Shipping at $700  

From there we offer various discount codes that are eligible based on how much is on your cart. These are not automated so you need to apply the discount code before checkout. (these do not stack)

  • $200 | 2% off entire order | Discount code: 200
  • $500 | 4% off entire order | Discount code: 500
  • $1000 | 6% off entire order | Discount code: 1000
  • $2000 | 8% off entire order | Discount code: 2000

Free shipping is automatically applied on checkout