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Powdered silver and gold siphons magic from dagger to dagger. Tears are fought back as the spirit of a loved one returns. Satisfaction rises to the surface as a deception is created from paint and guile. Safety comes in the form of guards in the night. All magic demands price and toil, their consequences sometimes felt lethally short or everlasting in story. But some magic creates things that last, things that pull at fate and time, their consequences worth a tale of their own. And for such spells, they demand far more and more to be brought to life.

Incantations is a book of spells for 5E crafted to give players and GMs powerful narrative tools and game state changing capabilities. Within these pages you may not find a new arsenal of elemental wrath for your favorite arcane spellslinger or ways to slay your foes in expanding vicious and cunning ways. But if you want to make ships fly, turn your stealth attempts into memory conundrums, or even create your own assistant? If you want to open your story to new and varied paths?

Incantations is the tome for you.

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